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Brewed Coffee Drinks
Our coffee is roasted daily in small batches and freshly brewed throughout the day in our stores according to our stringent quality standards. Our brewing process uses only filtered water suited to create our signature brewed coffees.
TODAY'S BREW (check the board)Every day of the week we select from our extensive collection of fresh coffee beans and make our recommendation to you on the board'. Light, dark, flavored and decaffeinated brews of the day are alwa
ICED COFFEEA refreshing twist on an old favorite. Ours is made with Espresso. Available in regular and decaf.
CAFE MOCHAOur brewed coffee with our own Special Dutch TM Chocolate in perfect proportion to steamed non-fat milk and foam.
CAFE VANILLAOur brewed coffee with our rich buttery French Deluxe TM Vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
CAFE CARAMELA big favorite! Our brewed coffee with an infusion of our creamy vanilla, buttery caramel, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
CAFE WHITE CHOCOLATE DREAM ROur brewed coffee with rich white chocolate, steamed non-fat milk, a fudge drizzle and foam.
Espresso Drinks
Our signature Espresso Roast is a blend of four-bean varieties, each roasted separately then combined resulting in a complex blend with a caramel-like aroma and bittersweet finish.
ESPRESSOOur signature Espresso.
MACCHIATOEspresso with a dash of milk and a dollop of foam.
CAPPUCCINOTry this classic drink made to our exact standards for the most authentic Cappuccino experience.
AMERICANODelicious anytime of the day. Also called Misto in Italy, it is a combination of Espresso and hot water.
CAFE LATTETry our version of this classic drink and you'll be hooked. Our signature Espresso with steamed milk and foam.
ICED CAFE LATTEOn a hot summer day, try our delicious Cafe Latte over ice for a refreshing take on the classic drink.
MOCHA LATTETry the rich and distinctive flavor of Espresso, featuring our Special Dutch TM Chocolate with steamed milk and foam.
ICED MOCHA LATTEEnergize yourself on a hot afternoon with our delicious Mocha Latte over ice featuring our Special Dutch TM Chocolate, nonfat milk and signature Espresso.
VANILLA LATTEOur creamy French Deluxe TM Vanilla and Espresso with steamed milk and foam may become the new standard for even the most traditional coffee drinker.
CARAMEL LATTECaress your taste buds with rich creamy caramel and our signature Espresso with steamed milk, foam and a drizzle of caramel.
WHITE CHOCOLATE DREAM R LATTEDecadent white chocolate with Espresso, steamed milk, foam and a drizzle of fudge.
Brewed Tea Drinks
We carry a wide range of high quality whole leaf teas, green, black, oolong, and infusions in many delicious flavors selected from the best tea estates in the world.
BREWED TEAWe offer 8 premium whole leaf teas in our special pyramid tea bags. See our Tea Guide for the full selection. Decaffeinated indicated where available.
ICED TEAMany of our teas are available over ice. Try our Southern Iced Tea Blend, Tropical Passion or Apricot Ceylon.
Tea Lattes
Some might call it tea obsession, we call it tea innovation. We discovered that pressing whole tea leaves through an espresso machine extracts a delicious pure tea flavor perfect for a tea latte.
CHAITEA LATTEOnly the highest quality spices combined with Black Tea in just the right proportions create an aromatic Chai masala, vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
DOUBLE VANILLA TEA LATTESmell the buttery aroma of Vanilla Ceylon Tea, with our own French Deluxe TM. Vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam as you indulge in this delicious beverage.
ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA LATTEFor a twist on the genteel ritual of long ago, try our classic English Breakfast Tea, with our vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
TROPICAL PASSION TEA LATTEImagine flawless white sand beaches as you small the alluring blend of Tropical Passion Tea, buttery vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
MOROCCAN MINT TEA LATTEAn exquisite age old recipe of our gunpowder green Moroccan Mint Tea and rich Special Dutch TM Chocolate, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
POMEGRANATE BLUEBERRY TEA LATTEOur famous Pomegranate Blueberry Tea combined with rich vanilla, steamed non-fat milk and foam.
and of course
For a special treat, experience our famous chocolate or vanilla for a unique twist on these classic drinks. Great for kids!
HOT CHOCOLATEOur velvety Hot Chocolate will warm your tummy and bring a smile to your face. Made with our Special Dutch TM Chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream, this yummy classic will be sure to please.
HOT VANILLARelax and enjoy an afternoon of rich indulgence with our warm buttery French Deluxe TM Vanilla, steamed milk and whipped cream.
Make it at home
If you live our drinks, you can make them at home, anytime anyplace. We offer our selection of coffee and teas in-store and at for you to make at your hearts delight.
COFFEESee our extensive selection of whole bean coffees and flavored ground coffees available for purchase in-store or online. As we travel the world in our quest for the best coffees, we also bring you Li
TEAWe offer a comprehensive selection of whole leaf teas available for purchase in-store or at Whole leaf loose or whole leaf tea bags are available. In addition, try our Limited Edition
POWDERS AND EXTRACTSMake Ice Blended R drinks at home! Our Coffee Extract and world famous powders are available for purchase. No sugar Added Mocha or Vanilla, French Deluxe, Vanilla and Special Dutch TM Chocolate are a
The Original Ice Blended R
All of our Ice Blended R drinks start with our Coffee Extract and are blended to smooth and creamy perfection. They can be made with No-Sugar Added French Deluxe TM Vanilla or No-Sugar Added Special Dutch TM Chocolate.
MOCHAMocha lovers you'll be in heaven... Our delectable Special Dutch TM Chocolate and Coffee Extract blended with ice and non-fat milk
VANILLAAbsolutely rich and creamy. Luscious French Deluxe TM Vanilla and our Coffee Extract blended with ice and non-fat milk.
CARAMELOur golden buttery caramel, French Deluxe TM Vanilla, Coffee Extract blended with ice. and non-fat milk blended to perfection.
WHITE CHOCOLATE DREAM RA cup of bliss... Coffee Extract and dreamy white chocolate blended with ice and non-fat milk topped off with a fudge ribbon.
THE ULTIMATEFor the ultimate coffee experience we recommend our Coffee Extract blended with chocolate covered Espresso beans and your choice of chocolate, vanilla or white chocolate.
BLACK FORESTIndulge in our Coffee Extract and Special Dutch TM Chocolate blended with ice, chocolate Espresso beans, maraschino cherries and non-fat milk for a truly unforgettable experience.
Non-Coffee Ice Blended R
Enjoy the refreshing taste of our Ice Blended R drinks withour coffee. Great for kids!
PURE CHOCOLATEFor chocolate lovers... Sinfully rich chocolate blended with ice and non-fat milk will be sure to satisfy your deepest craving.
PURE VANILLARelax and enjoy our smooth and creamy vanilla studded with real vanilla flavor and blended with ice and non-fat milk.
MALIBU DREAMSmell the allure of tropical paradise... Fresh strawberry banana juice and vanilla blended with ice.
POMEGRANATE BLUEBERRYEnjoy the flavor of ripe blueberries and sour-tart pomegranates blended with creamy vanilla, ice and non-fat milk.
GREEN TEAA refreshing blend of Matcha Green Tea blended with ice and non-fat milk for a delightful creamy taste sensation.
Fru-Tea TM Ice Blended R
If you love our Ice Blended R drinks you'll love our Fru-Tea TM Ice Blended R. Try this refreshing creation for a fruity twist using our delicious tea and real fruit.
LEMON ZESTOur zesty Ice Blended R concoction made with real fruit and Green Tea, blended with ice to perfection. Truly Refreshing!
MUCHO MANGOGive your taste buds a delicious tropical adventure... Made with real fruit and black Tea. blended with ice. Invigorating!
Our coffee and tea drinks are robust, strong, and delicious on their own. So if you are counting calories, or have dietary restrictions, here's our guide to help you cut out what you don't want, and keep what you do... like flavor.
Drink in Brewed.Be bold. Ask for brewed coffee or tea. No milk, no sugar. Nothing gets in the way of you and pure flavor.
Ask for No-Sugar Added powder.Add rich flavor without the sugar. We offer No Sugar Added Vanilla and Chocolate powders that can be used in our hot and cold drinks. Note: You can also ask for less powder in any of our drinks.
Extreme it!Ask us to Extreme it! for more coffee flavor and caffeine... and no milk!
The Skinny on our MilkAll of our Ice Blended R Drinks are made with non-fat milk. You can also choose to have any of our hot drinks made with non fat milk. Note: All of our drinks are made with rBst-free milk.
Co with soy!Ask for your drink to be made with soy milk, It's perfect for those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies, and it tastes great!
Hold the whipped Cream!Although yummy, you can ask us to hold the whipped cream on any of our drinks, to reduce the amount of calories and fat.

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