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Breakfast Smoothie Special$6.00 - $5.00banana, plain yogurt, oats, fresh squeezed oj and a boost of maca.
Classic Smoothie
Strawberry Soother Smoothiesmooth and delicious blend of strawberries, bananas, apple juice and soy milk.
The Citrus Tingler Smoothiecitrus smoothie with strawberries, pineapple, fresh squeezed oj and soy milk.
Hawaiian Summer Soothieexotic whirl of peach, pineapple, soy milk and guava juice.
Tropical Calm Smoothierefreshing mix of strawberries, pineapple, soy milk and mango juice.
Mango Rush Smoothievoted most flavorful! smooth blend of mango, banana, smooth soy milk and mango juice.
Very Berry Smoothiea sweet mix of strawberries, mixed berries, apple juice and soy milk.
Light Smoothies
Peach Tea Smoothierefreshing blend of peaches, mango, green tea and peach nectar.
Electric Tea Smoothiean energizing charge of mango, pineapple, red tea and a jolt of lychee nectar.
Berry Tea Smoothieuplifting mix of strawberries, mixed berries, green tea and agave nectar.
Meal Replacements
Green Energy Meal Replacementhydrating, delicious and packed with nutrients, fresh spinach, banana, pineapple, hemp protein, e3 live and boost of maca.
Rain Forest Meal Replacementan exotic, vitamin c packed combo of pineapple, fresh squeezed oj, almond milk, green super foods and a boost of protein.
Beach Body Meal Replacementperfect for keeping trim or as a post-workout drink. strawberries, banana, fresh almond milk and double boost of protein.
Breakfast Smoothie Meal Replacementtasty mix of strawberries, banana, plain yogurt, oats, fresh squeezed oj and a boost of maca.
Acai Smoothie Meal Replacementsweet blend of mixed berries, strawberries, apple juice, acai juice and a boost of protein and acai.
The Gorilla Meal Replacementlike eating a big green salad and it actually tastes good! fresh spinach, pineapple, peach, green super foods and a boost of protein.
Randy's Powerhouse Meal Replacementmuscle building, power smoothie made with peanut butter, nutritious raw chocolate, banana, fresh almond milk and protein.
Shots $2.50
Wheat Grass Shotinstant energy from super concentrated wheat grass powder.
Green Power Shotfull spectrum of green, raw, organic super foods.
Spirulina Shottastes great. your brain will thank you.
Renovo "Boosts" $1
Immunity Boostrenovo herbal immunity.
Energy Boostrenovo herbal energy.
Vitality Boostmaca.
Antioxidant Boostacai or raw chocolate.
Protein Power Boostrice, whey and hemp.
Brain Boostspirulina.
Multivitamin Boostgreen super foods.
Heart Health Boostomega 3.
Fiber Boostrenovo fiber blend.
Renovo Cafe
Wake Up Callour version of a double shot mocha, nutritious raw chocolate, soothing coffee and choice of milk.
Chaiwild crafted, out of this world chai with your choice of milk.
Lychee Tea Infusiona sweet, flavorful explosion of green tea, lychee nectar, a splash of apple juice and a slice of fruit.
Peach Tea Infusionamazing peach flavor! green tea, peach nectar and fresh squeezed oj.
Ginger Teaspicy and full of immune system support made with green tea and a shot of fresh ginger.
Hot Chocolateguilt free hot chocolate? packed with nutritious raw chocolate and your choice of milk.
Green Rejuvenationlight, hydrating and nutrient rich. green super foods, frothed with lemon juice and alkaline water.
Renovo Teas & Coffee
Soothing Coffeecoffee is generally very acidic, not this one. ph balanced alkaline coffee.
Berry Red Teatart, rejuvenating red tea. add agave and it tastes like kool-aid!
Minty Green Teathis recharging mint tea is super hydrating and energizing.
Citrus Black Teadark and antioxidant rich black tea with a hint of citrus.

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