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Create Your Own Smoothies
Create Your Own Smoothies
16 oz. Create Your Own Smoothie$4.67
Performance Smoothies
Performance Smoothies
20 oz. Energy Fuel Smoothie$6.25Twinlab Energy drink, banana, raspberry peach and cane sugar. 127 calories.
20 oz. Max Built Smoothie$6.25Almond milk, blueberry, peach, banana, 60g whey protein isolate, 1 tbsp creatine cane sugar. 448 calories.
20 oz. Optimum Recovery Smoothie$6.25Almond milk mango, pineapple, strawberry, 30g whey protein isolate, 1 tsp glutamine, 1 tbsp BCAA and cane sugar. 343 calories.
20 oz. the Meal$6.25Soy milk, acai, banana, blueberry, 30g whey protein isolate, 1 tbsp flaxeed, 1 tbsp mct oil and cane sugar. 454 calories.
Organic Smoothies
Organic Smoothies
16 oz. All Straws on Me Smoothie$4.67Almond milk, banana, strawberry x2 and cane sugar. 202 cal.
16 oz. Blend of Sunshine Smoothie$4.67Almond milk, banana, mango, peach and cane sugar. 257 cal.
16 oz. Fancy Twist Smoothie$4.67Grape juice, acai berry, banana, raspberry and cane sugar. 310 cal.
16 oz. Fruiti-licious Smoothie$4.67Soy milk blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and cane sugar. 258 cal.
16 oz. Go Bananaz Smoothie$4.67Grape juice, blueberry, banana x2 and cane sugar. 307 cal.
16 oz. PB Slam Smoothie$4.67Almond milk, banana x2, peanut butter, cocoa powder and cane sugar. 460 cal.
16 oz. PB Jam Smoothie$4.67Almond milk, strawberry x2, peanut butter and cane sugar. 382 cal.
16 oz. Summer Delight$4.67Almond milk, coconut milk, pineapple x2, mango and cane sugar. Pina colada 253 cal.
Fresh Ground Organic Coffee
Fresh Ground Organic Coffee
Organic Coffee$1.69 - $1.99By Jim's Organic
12 oz. Asorted Hot Tea$1.49
12 oz. Organic Hot Chocolate$1.79
Fresh Squeezed Citrus Juices
Fresh Squeezed Citrus Juices
16 oz. Grapefruit Juice$3.59
16 oz. Orange Juice$3.59
16 oz. Grapefruit Orange Juice Blend$3.59
Fresh Pressed Organic Juice
Fresh Pressed Organic Juice
16 oz. Carrot Juice$4.25
16 oz. Carrot Apple Juice$4.25
16 oz. Carrot Apple Celery Ginger Juice$4.25
16 oz. Carrot Apple Beet Ginger Juice$4.25
16 oz. Other Carrot Based Juice$4.25
16 oz. Celery Juice$4.99
Organic Salad and Wrap
Organic Salad and Wrap
Turkey Wrap$6.25Whole wheat roll up, turkey, sprouts, spring mix, chipotle, cheddar cheese.
Chicken Wrap$6.25Whole wheat roll up chicken breast, sprouts, tomato, onion, honey mustard, provolone cheese.
Tuna Wrap$6.25Whole wheat roll up, tuna, romaine, tomato, onion and vegenaise.
Vegetable Wrap$6.25Whole wheat roll up, sprouts, spring, mix, tomato and ranch cheddar cheese.
Create Your Own Wrap$6.25
Create Your Own Salad$5.89

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