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Green Juice$5.00 - $7.00Green tea 5 greens blend (spinach kale broccoli chard dandelion greens) kiwi green grapes and honeydew. All whole food juice.
Red Juice$5.00 - $7.00Green tea beets strawberries red grapes red cabbage ginger.
Orange Juice$5.00 - $7.00Green tea whole orange carrots cantaloupe with a drop of doterra wild orange essential oil.
Yellow Juice$5.00 - $7.00Greenies mango and a drop of doterra lime essential oil.
Regular 3 Day Juice Cleanse$120.003 day juice cleanse. 6 whole food juices and green smoothies a day for 3 days.
Blue and Purple Juice$5.00 - $7.00Green tea, purple cabbage and blueberries.
Chai Blend Smoothie$7.00Our coconut chai smoothie is a antioxidant powerhouse. Black tea coconut milk 5 nut and seed mix 5 greens mix fresh ginger dates banana our house chai essential oil blend (clove cardomn cinnamon ging
Hemp Smoothie$7.00Hemp milk 5 greens blend 5 nut and seeds blend pineapple banana and a drop of doterra lime essential oil topped with coconut whipped cream and hemp super food granola. The best thing since sliced bre
Breakfast Smoothie$7.00Cashew milk, steel cut oats, essential 5 nuts mix, essential 5 greens mix, banana, apple, date, green tea, cinnamon essential oil (topped with coconut whipped cream).
Essential 12 Smoothie$7.00Green tea 5 greens blend 5 nut and seeds blend tomatoes beets carrots zucchini avocado red cabbage ginger cucumber dates slice of apple banana and a drop of doterra black pepper essential oil. Taste
Pina Colada Smoothie$7.00Coconut milk, coconut oil, essential 5 greens mix, essential 5 nut and seed mix, pineapple, banana, clove essential oil (topped with coconut whipped cream).
Rainbow Smoothie$7.00Green tea 5 greens blend 5 nut and seeds blend ginger pineapple and banana. Healing refreshing and ultimately flavorful.
Super Berry Smoothie$7.00Blueberries raspberries, blackberries, strawberries 5 greens blend 5 nuts and seeds blend and 1 drop of doterra lime essential oil.
Chai Iced$5.00Our signature house chai blend made from essential oils. Black tea and coconut milk with fresh ginger and fresh nutmeg. Sweetened with dates and a splash on vanilla.
Hot Chai$5.00Hot black tea coconut milk fresh ginger and our house chai blend. Hot healthy and so so tasty.
Not-coff$3.00Roasted chicory root. Taste just like coffee.
Matcha$5.00Coconut milk with matcha. Sweetened with dates. Hot healthy and deliciously coconuty.
Hot Drinks
Hot Drink
Hot Coco$5.00Orange coconut milk orange coco powder dairy free chocolate chips and frothed coconut milk with coconut whipped cream. Hot and yummy.
Spiced Cider$5.00Made to order fresh hot apple cider spiced with ginger and cinnamon topped with coconut whipped cream.
Salad Lunch$7.00Rainbow salad tomato, carrot, yellow pepper, broccoli, red onions and purple cabbage.
Coconut Whipped Cream$1.50Coconut milk, agave and coconut oil.

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