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Appetizers $4.99
1. Accra (6pcs)seasoned black eye pea butter fried and served with a zesty tomato onion sauce.
2. Beignets (5pcs)tasty fried pastries.
3. Nems (3pcs)spring rolls stuffed with chicken, ground beef, vermicelli, with vegetables and mushrooms. served with nuoc mam dressing.
4. Vegetarian Nems (3pcs)spring rolls stuffed with rice vermicelli with vegetables and mushrooms with nuoc mam dressing.
5. Fattaya (3pcs)savory pastry stuffed with seasoned tuna fish filling and sriracha sauce.
Lunch $13.99
1. Lunch Thiebou Dienetraditional senegalese dish. herb stuffed white fish in a tomato stew served with rice and mix vegetable.
2. Lunch Yassa Chickengrilled chicken with lemon-based caramelized onion sauce.
3. Lunch Ndoletraditional cameroonian dish. spinach, bitter leaves and peanut sauce.
4. Lunch Okra Soupseafood, okra, beef and smoked turkey served steamed white rice.
5. Lunch Jollof Ricechicken or beef with mixed rice and vegetables.
6. Lunch Attiekefish or chicken with steamed cassava and yucca couscous accompanied with fresh vegetable sauce.
7. Lunch Cassava Leaves Stewstew of cassava leaves with beef served with steamed white rice.
8. Lunch Caldougrilled fish with steamed white rice accompanied with fresh vegetables.
9. Lunch Thiebou Bou Yappfried rice with beef and vegetables.
10. Lunch Paellamixed seafood and boiled eggs with fried rice.
1. Dibi$13.99grilled marinated lamb shoulder chops with onions and mustard sauce.
2. Grilled Fish$13.99well seasoned grilled tilapia accompanied with a side of your choice.
4. Shawarma$6.99shredded beef in a wrap with vegetables and tahini sauce.
5. Grilled Shrimp$14.99slow grilled shrimp accompanied with salad and french fries.
6. Chez Dior Burger$6.99our signature burger with french fries and corn salad.
7. Moroccan Couscous$13.99lamb and sauce accompanied with couscous.
8. Salmon Sauteed$13.99salmon, sweet peas and vegetables with specialty chez dior sauce.
9. Brochettes$13.99beef, chicken and vegetables accompanied with vermicelli or rice.
Sides $2.99
French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Steamed White Rice
Cous Cous
Mixed Green Salad
Kids Menu $6.99
1. Kid's Spaghetti And Hot Dog With Cheese
2. Kid's Ground Beef With Sweet Peas
3. Kid's Turkey And Cheese Sandwich
4. Kid's Meatballs And Peas
1. Thiakry$4.99pudding mixed with couscous, fruit, raisins and vanilla cream.
2. Fruit Salad$2.99mix of seasonal, tropical and other fruits.
3. Brownies And Ice Cream$3.99chocolate brownies with flavored ice cream of your choice.
4. Cake$3.99our cake of the day.
Hot Drinks $1
1. Attayatraditional senegalese green tea.
2. Teagreen tea, black tea, chamomile tea
Cold Drinks
1. Bissap$1.99hibiscus flower infused.
2. Ginger Juice$1.99ginger roots with pineapple
3. Tamarino Juice$1.99
4. Chez Dior Cocktail$1.99peach mixed with apple
5. Pain De Singe Juice$1.99
6. Mango Juice$1.99
7. Grape Juice$1.99
8. Soda$1.00coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta orange
9. Water$1.00

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