10 Foods We Should Stock To Survive Emergency

10 Foods We Should Stock To Survive Emergency

A record-setting Blizzard hit the Northeastern part of the United States in 2016. Meter-high snow pile blocked the road and people were trapped at home. When they rushed to the nearby market to buy some food, they found that most of the food was sold out. This gives us an implication that we should buy and stock food in case of emergency. Here are 10 necessary foods we should stock to survive emergency.

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Karlos 22 July 8:25 It is the most expensive set I have ever seen. I think there are a lot of useful things that should be changed to something more balanced. There is nothing said about the storage temperature and other conditions too. Stivin 21 July 19:10 There is no doubt, that such kind of set is good for nutrition and is rich in calories and has good ingredients. However, I don’t think that such emergency food will have a good taste, of course, it is not a menu like here, but still, such food must be tasty for everyone. Obram 20 July 20:45 It is a nice pack for survival, no chemicals and quite organic…Good one.

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