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Le Gumbeaux
cajun soup o' life, cooked longer than a tax refund check
The Real Thang!$4.49 - $7.39spicy roux, rice, okra, veggies mixed w/shrimp, oysters and fresh fish or spicy chicken & sausage
Raw Salty Oysters
Raw Salty Oysters*$12.29on shell with cocktail, horseradish and crackers
Le First Chomp
dandy appetizers or a meal for cheap people!
Rat Toes Ouch!$7.29le famous shrimp 'n' crab stuffed jalapenos batter'd and friedw/cool buttermilk dip
Popcorn Shrimp$7.49with frenchy fries and cherry mustard sauce
Fried Crawfish Tails$8.29lotsa tail with cherry mustard sauce & fries
Creamy Cajun Fondue Dip$9.29a choice! chicken, shrimp or crawfish in a creamy sauce with garlic buttered toast
Fried Pickle Puckers$5.89basket full o' deep fried dill pickle chips - served with perfect dippin' sauce
Boudin Bam!$7.29get the real deal link over rice w/"ouch" sauce and crackers or cajun fried boudin balls with a zippy dip
Firemouth Wings$7.79marinated in "death sauce", fried & served w/ a cool cajun ranch antidote
Fried Green Beans$6.29they'll make you dance w/cool ranch sauce for dippin'
Rabbit Food
this is about as close as we get to "health"
Chopped Salad$8.29crisp greens, bacon, cheese, diced eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers and fried onions plus anything else chef bubba whacks up
Caesar Salad$8.29so, you know folks, it ain't named for the big italian guy, but for a guy in mexico
Add Blacken'd Chicken or Popcorn Shrimp$10.89add to either salad for extra lip lock love
Po' Boys
your choice authentic cajun sandwich on a toasted french roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. with seasoned fries and jalapeno pups
Fried Popcorn Shrimp or Catfish$9.79
Blacken'd Chicken or Tilapia$9.79
Big Easy Cheesboiger*
Cheesboiger*$9.79burger in a cajun joint? well if ya gotta-- this be the one! 1/2 lb. hickory grill'd w/bacon, cheese, smoky sauce & usual stuffw/fries
Chef Bubba's Specials!!
Jalapeno Catfish$9.79fried filet with creamy jalapeno sauce and veggie d'jour plus buttered frenchy bread
Chicky Dipper Basket$10.99nice fried breast strips with fries, corn on the cob and honey mustard dressin'
Andouille/Red Beanz 'N' Rice$9.29a swell cajun sausage tradition
Cajun Fried Chicken$10.99full breast, pounded 'n' breaded comes with fluffy mashed red-skin taters w/ andouille sausage cream gravy and veggie d'jour
Cajun Fried Steak$10.99it's amazingly like the above, but with a nice, juicy tender steak (duh?)
Cajun Combo Skillet
you can taste it all!
Cajun Combo Skillet$12.99cajun grilled andouille sausage, zesty shrimp creole, crawfish etoufee, red beanz 'n' rice, corn w/toasted french bread
Fried Seafood
no bull, cut to the chase
Fried Cat Basket$11.39buncho cat tenderz w/french fries, corn on cob, tartar & great cocktail sauce 'n' pups
Fried Cat Platter$14.79same as above with larger portions, yum!
Shrimp Basket$11.59swell shrimpies w/fries, corn on the cob and cherry mustard sauce with puppies
Fried Shrimp Platter$15.29as above with larger portionsmo' better
Shrimp 'N' Cat Combo$12.39two favs with fries, corn on the cob & pups
Seafood Combo Platter
Fried Shrimp, Catfish and Crawfish Tails$16.29w/ fries, corn on cob & pups
Cajun 2-Ways$13.79swamp platter o' crispy shrimp or crawdaddies, with etoufee, dirty rice, fries & pups
Legendar Honeysuckle Ribs
Full Slab$19.39marinated 'n' slow cook'd till meat falls off, then grill'd w/fries, corn on the cob & french bread
Life's Li'l Extras
where mainly- we make a li'l extra!
Red Beanz 'N' Rice$3.79
Jambalaya Rice$3.79
Fried Okra$3.79
Dirty Rice$3.79
Blackened Thangs
blackened eye free on request ! the cajun way - butter basted like crazy then heavily seasoned with real swell stuff and grilled at a raging 800- ouch ! dang dangerous !
Nice Cat Filet$11.99
Nawlins Chicken Breast$11.99
Fresh Tilapia Filet$12.49served over meuniere sauce with dirty rice, veggie d'jour and buttered frenchy bread
Le OLD Cajun Favs
Stuff'd Shrimp - Great$14.29big fat boys loaded with crab stuffin' - then topped with a creamy sauce
Stuff'd Fish - Real Great$13.39crammed w/shrimp 'n' crab stuffin', topped w/creamy crawfish butter sauce
Creole Pork Chops*$14.29two center cut boneless chops w/mashers & creole gravy. served w/ sauteed green beans
Shrimp Creole - Real$11.89juicy shrimp in zesty creole sauce over fluffy rice ... gotta try it once, le roy!
Cajun Etoufee - Also Real$12.29(say et-2-fay) chicken, shrimp or crawfish in rich dark roux sauce w/dirty rice
Fish Ah! Yee!- a Holler!$12.89fried tilapia fish covered with creamy cajun shrimp & crab sauce
Boudin Stuff'd Chicken$12.89grilled breast over our own boudin sausage. with mashers, veggie & jalapeno cheese sauce
Tchoupitoulas$12.69(just say: chopa-2-las) tasty grilled chicken breast over smoked ham, rite nice mushrooms and taters topped with a special sauce
Cajun Tricky Fish$13.99blacken'd fish next to dirty rice, topped with crawfish etoufee
Shrimp En Brochette$14.798 bacon wrapped shrimp w/jalapeno - served over dirty rice w/spicy cheese dippin' sauce
Grilled Gator Tail
Grilled Gator Tail$15.29tender gator meat over jambalaya with bbq "ouch" sauce...when in season
Jaws Seafood Platter
for 4 reg. folks or 2 cajuns
Jaws Seafood Platter$64.99fried gator (in season), shrimp, oysters, catfish, crawfish tails, fries, fried pickles & jalapeno pups
Zydeco Pasta Bowls
Jambalaya Pasta$13.39penne pasta with veggies, real juicy chicken, andouille sausage, shrimp, fresh fish and crawfish tails, toss'd in a zippy tomato cream sauce
Blacken'd Chicken or Spicy Shrimp Pasta$12.69penne pasta tossed with veggies and creole cream sauce

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