Pizza Ranch Prices and Locations in Sergeant Bluff, IA

Pizza Ranch - 206 1st St
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa (712) 943-7499

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Pizza Ranch is a chain of fast casual restaurants. In Pizza Ranch they offer customers with two options: ordering off the menu or (at designated times) eating from the buffet. The menu features standard pizzeria items: Cheesy Ranch Stix, various options of pizzas (including specialties like Texan Taco, Roundup, Bronco, bacon cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and The Wildfire), Cactus Bread (dessert pizza) and Buffalo wings. Pizza Ranch also offers a salad bar, as well as 'Crispy Ranch Chicken' (the company's own recipe for roasted chicken), several wraps, roasted potatoes, chicken fingers, waffle fries, ranch chips, mashed potatoes and gravy (in some locations). The buffet features the above mentioned items and may include local specialties daily.

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