Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers Prices and Locations

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Combo Meals
#1. Dbl. Cheeseburger, Fries, Lg, Drink$5.15 - $5.70
#2. Cheeseburger, Fries, Lg, Drink$4.30 - $4.85
#3. Hamburger, Fries, L.g, Drink$4.00 - $4.55
#4. Chili Cheese Dog, Fries, Lg, Drink$4.70 - $5.25
Double Hamburger$2.55
Double Cheeseburger$2.85
Triple Hamburger$3.40
Triple Cheeseburger$4.00
Chili Hot Dog$2.10
Chili Cheese Dog$2.40
Chili Tamale$2.40
Chili Boat$2.00
Cheese Sandwich$1.50upon request
Veggie Sandwich$1.00upon request
Potato Chips$0.90
French Fries$1.35
Cheese Fries$1.95
Chili Fries$2.15
Chili Cheese Fries$2.45
Coffee Regular$0.50
Coffee Large$0.70
Canned Soft Drink$0.95Los Angeles only
Bottled Soft Drink 20oz$1.40Los Angeles only
Bottled Water 20oz$1.40
Small Soft Drink$1.3016oz
Medium Soft Drink 24 Oz$1.40
Large Soft Drink 32 Oz$1.50
Extra Large Drink 44 Oz$1.65
Milk Shake$1.65where available
Breakfast Items
Sausage & Egg Sandwich$1.75
Sausage & Egg Sandwich with Cheese$2.05
Orange Juice$0.85
Non Menu Items
Extra Slice of Cheese$0.30
Extra Hamburger Patty$0.85
Extra Chili Requestedn/q
Extra Tomato, Pickle, Onion, Mustardn/q
Gallon of Chili$19.00
8 Oz. Cup of Chili$1.25
Egg Only$0.30
Sausage Patty$0.60
Chili for Fry$0.80
Chili and Cheese for Fry$1.10

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