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Chocolate Chipa brown sugar-y, chewy but soft chocolate chip cookie; try it with tahitian vanilla bean to create the mies vanilla rohe, or the brown butter candied bacon to create the louis ba-kahn
Double Chocolatea decadent, chewy brownie cookie; try it with dirty mint ice cream to create the mintimalism sandwich
Double Chocolate With Sea Salta chewy brownie cookie with flakes of maldon sea salt
Ginger Molasses (Available As Vegan)spiced but not overpowering; try it with our meyer lemon ice cream to create the richard meyer lemon sandwich
Gluten-Free Coconut Almonda delicious, macaroon type cookie
Hotcake Cookiemaple cookie with maple sugar bits; try it with our brown butter candied bacon ice cream to create the 'breakfast sammie'
Maple Flapjack
Oatmeala chewy oatmeal cookie with raisins; available with cranberries and orange peel during the winter season; try it with our cinnamon ice cream to create the oatmeal cinna-moneo sandwich!
Peanut Buttercreamy peanut butter cookie sprinkled with fresh peanuts and salt
Potato Chip & Butterscotchperfect for the sweet meets salty tooth! brown sugar-y cookie with butter scotch bits and salty kettle cooked potato chips sprinkled atop
Red Velvetall the goodness of the ever popular red velvet cupcake in a perfect cookie; red velvet base cookie with real cream cheese icing
Smore'sgraham cookie with melted chocolate and burnt marshmallow
Snickerdoodlea perfect, soft cinnamon and sugar cookie
Vegan Carrot Cakeyou won't believe it's vegan - a delicious carrot cake cookie with vegan cream cheese icing
Vegan Chocolate Truffle Bananayou won't believe it's gluten-free a decadent chocolate cookie with banana notes
Ice Cream
Baked Applea seasonal favorite, featuring apples cooked with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar
Balsamic Fig & Mascarponecreamy mascarpone-based ice cream with balsamic glazed california figs and a balsamic swirl; like a frozen cheese plate!
Bananas Fosterbananas carmelized in rum, then folded into decadent banana ice cream; try it with our double chocolate cookies to create the shigeru ban-ana sandwich
Beer & Pretzelsdark stout ice cream with salty pretzels (soon available with chocolate covered pretzels)
Blackberry Ginger Sorbeta summer favorite, fresh california blackberries infused with ginger for that extra kick; non-dairy
Blood Orange Sorbeta summer favorite, and a beautiful pink/orange color! pair it with our ginger molasses cookies to create the orange julius shulman; non-dairy
Butterscotch & Rosemarysalty butterscotch ice cream infused with fresh rosemary
Candied Baconone of the flavors that put coolhaus on the culinary map: brown butter base ice cream with brown sugar candied bacon (applegate nitrate-free bacon); try it with our chocolate chip cookies to create t
Cherry Cheesecakericotta base ice cream with candied cherries; another great sweet and savory option!
Chocolate Chiptolecreamy chocolate ice cream enhanced with ancho chilis and cayenne better to give your mouth a spicy kick in the front and back of your palate!
Chocolate Cointreaucreamy chocolate ice cream infused with cointreau liquor a truly sensual, luxurious ice cream with incredible texture
Chocolate Peppermintcreamy chocolate ice cream infused with fresh peppermint
Cinnamoncreamy, mexican cinnamon ice cream; flavor resembles the top of coffee cake; try it with our oatmeal raisin cookies to create the oatmeal cinna-moneo sandwich!
Coffee Oreocreamy coffee ice cream with crunch oreo crumbles
Cuban Cigarmiami special only. coming soon!
Date Rum Pecana fall favorite; rum infused ice cream swirled with dates and pecans. inspired by hadley's date shakes in the desert east of la
Dirty Mintfresh mint infused ice cream with semis sweet chocolate chips and a hint of brown sugar (no mint extract or flavoring used); try it with the double chocolate cookie to create the mintimalism, or the
Earl Greylike sipping tea by the fireplace, our earl grey tea will make you feel like you are relaxing at home, but enjoying a super special treat! try it with our snickerdoodle cookies to create the le corbu
Fried Chicken & Wafflesbrown butter maple ice cream with maple candied chicken skins and carmelized waffles coming soon!
Gin & Tonicelderflower; gin and lime ice cream; try it with our snickerdoodle cookies to create the arquitec tonic a sandwich
Gingerbreadnutmeg, clove and cinnamon spiced gingerbread base ice cream; winter only!
Green Teatop notch matcha green tea from japan makes our green tea one of a kind!
Guinness Chipdarks stout ice cream with semi sweet chips and coffee notes
Keylime Piecreamy lime base with baked graham crackers swirled; our keylime pie ice cream is yellow because we do not use of food coloring to turn these yellow limes green! (and it's a favorite at our miami tru
Lemon Thyme Sorbeta freshing fruity yet herbal sorbet; non-dairy.
Lychee Martini Sorbetthe perfect sorbet cocktail; non-dairy
Maker's Mark Sponsored Ice Creama rotating flavor featuring makers mark bourbon; see your local retailer for specials including bourbon pecan pie, bourbon candied peach, and mint julep ice creams.
Mango Saffron Sorbetan interpretation of an eastern paring; try it with our vegan ginger molasses cookies to create the thom mayne-go
Meyer Lemon Gelatocreamy meyer lemon ice cream with fresh zest; try it with our ginger molasses cookie to create the richard meyer lemon sandwich!
Molten Chocolate Cakerich chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake bits and a fudge swirl
Nutella Almondchocolate hazelnut base ice cream with toasted almonds
Olive Oil & Rosemarysuper refreshing and fruity olive oil infused with fresh rosemary; for the adventurous italian!
Peach Bellini Sorbetthe perfect sorbet cocktail for all hours, including breakfast! non dairy
Peanut Buttersuper creamy peanut butter ice cream; if you love peanut butter, you won't be able to get enough! try it with our double chocolate cookie to create the im pei-nut butter
Pear Vanilla Sorbeta decadent interpretation of an haute dessert. fresh tahitian vanilla bean make this non-dairy classic a winner!
Peking Duckplum ice cream with candied orange and candied duck skins-coming soon
Pistachio Trufflepart of our luxury menu, featuring top notch sicilian pistachios infused with black truffle shavings
Pumpkin Piespiced pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust swirls
Red Velvetcream cheese base ice cream with hunks of red velvet cake swirled throughout
Rice Milk & Cardamom Sorbeta naturally vegan option: similar to our horchata ice cream, but with more herbal notes from the cardamom. rice-based, and non-dairy.
Rootbeer Floata summer favorite, and a flavor that can take you back to childhood! slight carbonation gives this flavor a fantastic mouthfeel.
Salted Caramelmaldon sea salt and caramel ice cream; try it with our snickerdoodle cookie to create the caramia lehrer
Spicy Pineapple & Cilantro With Serrano Chilisnothing like a cool and spicy sorbet to give your palate a riot very popular in our southern-ish locations (austin, miami and los angeles); non dairy
Spiked Egg Nogrum spiked egg nog with spices; winter only folks!
Strawberries & Cream Gelatoa strawberry ice cream that will take you back to childhood. pair it with our snickerdoodle cookie to create the frank behry
Strawberry Jalapeno Gelatoavailable during the summer only; the jalapenos give a delicious kick to our creamy strawberry ice cream!
Strawberry Mojito Sorbeta favorite in miami; strawberries and mint make this cocktail sorbet sing!
Sweet Potato And Marshmallowmaple sweet potatoes with a marshmallow swirl; fall/winter flavor only!
Tahitian Vanillawe sourced the finest vanilla beans for that refreshing but rich tahitian flavor; try it with our chocolate chip cookies to create the louis ba-kahn sandwich
Thai Iced Teaa summer favorite, the taste of thai iced tea in a creamy ice cream! yumcity!
White Russianask the dude for more details, or if he can lend you his ralph's card as id
Yogurt & Berriessourness of creamy greek yogurt paired with swirled mixed berries. our yougurt does contain acidophilus which aids digestion!
Blue Bottle Single Serve Coffee, Hot Or Iced$4.00at our la storefront, the bay area's finest coffee is brewed fresh, one cup at a time
Blue Bottle Retail Beansthe coolhaus shop is one of the only locations in la that sell these beans, so you can brew blue bottle at home
Chocolate Chipotle Hot Chocolatethe smoky taste of real chipotle and cayenne pepper give this drink a real kick!
Coolhaus Signature Hot Chocolate$3.50oh man this stuff is good! perfect with our fresh artisan whipped cream
Dirty Mint Hot Chocolatedark chocolate and fresh mint leaves make this drink literally sing. well, almost literally
Nutella Hot Chocolateyou think you like nutella now
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolatesweet, salty, and rich-the perfect delivery device for our salted caramel whipped cream
Vintage Sodaswe stock our favorite all-natural micro-brewed sodas from all over the world!
Other Sweets
Artisan Marshmallow: Candy Cane And Vanilla Beanhand-crafted with all natural ingredients-fluffy, gooey delights
Artisan Whipped Cream: Salted Caramel And Classicfresh, rich and creamy perfect on any of our incredible hot chocolates!
Cookie Doughthe same all-natural, gourmet cookie dough we use in our sammies. take some home and impress somebody
Ice Cream Cookie Cakes$40.00your party just got real
Pints / Quartsour signature flavors are available to go, so put some coolhaus in your freezer!

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